Wednesday, July 12, 2017

12-Jul-17: Palestinian Arab incitement to terror: hundreds of millions of wasted dollars and what they might have achieved

Here's a very visual and moving response to the issues we raised in yesterday's post "11-Jul-17: Incitement to terror: Sometimes it really is all about the money"

There's an especially clear background article about this we recommend highly: "The Department of Pay-for-Slay | How the Palestinian Authority not only incites terrorist murder—but supports it with U.S. tax dollars" [Feith and Gerber, Commentary Magazine, March 15, 2017]

Every cent of the money wasted on inciting young Palestinian Arabs to more and more acts of terror is money provided as foreign aid by Western governments to the perennially insolvent Mahmoud Abbas regime. This is a morality tale with catastrophic dimensions to it.

And continuing daily.

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