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12-Apr-17: A modest step toward justice: Twitter today suspended the account of our daughter's murderer

Two of our daughters are in this family snapshot.
One is Malki who was murdered in August 2001. She's
cuddling her very disabled, and much loved, youngest sister
Readers of this blog know that Ahlam Tamimi, the mastermind of the Jerusalem Sbarro pizzeria massacre lives freely as a cherished and very public celebrity in Amman, the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

From there, she has had access since October 2011 to the kind of mass-media platforms that aspiring cigarette manufacturers can only dream of: Facebook, Twitter, her own weekly television program, frequent invitations to speak in front of public gatherings of university and high school students, trade unionists and professional guilds not only in Jordan but in other Arab world destinations including Algeria (December 2011), the Gaza Strip (via live video link, addressing a mass rally in January 2012); Kuwait (July 2012 and again March 2014); Lebanon (April 2012 and again January 2015); Qatar (April 2012, again December 2013); Tunisia (April 2012 and again November 2015); and Yemen (April 2014).

Her message is sharp and focused: encouragement for the fighting spirit of the Palestinian Arab terrorists behind bars in Israel, and of their families; encouragement for more frequent and more deadly terror attacks on Israelis and those who stand with them; encouragement of a pro-Hamas, pro-Moslem Brotherhood absolutist message of rejection and destruction directed at anything and everything Jewish and Israeli.

Two weeks ago, she posted a rare English-language message via her Twitter account (her communications are almost exclusively in Arabic):

[Source: Archive]
Hate messages don't really come much clearer than that. No beating around bushes with talk of two states, compromise or peace. For Tamimi and the many who stand with her, the war is ongoing and even one "Israeli enemy" means more fighting.

And no one should be in doubt about Tamimi's sense of where "in Palestine" is located; her sustaining vision is of a Middle East free of Jews. As the convicted, but currently free, murderer of fifteen of them - our beloved daughter Malki Z"L included - Ahlam Tamimi is a full-fledged member in good standing of the savage ranks of Islamist terrorist barbarians.

When the FBI added her to their "Most Wanted Terrorists" list a month ago (after a five year campaign waged by our lawyers and us), we turned to Twitter and asked that they shut down her Twitter account. Facebook had already shut her down some months ago, and she stopped presenting the weekly TV program "Breezes of the Free" in September 2016 when her high profile caused some specific problems. But she kept busy on Twitter.

Until today.

This morning, something happened and that Tweet above was her last, at least for now. All we can say with confidence is based on what we see at her Twitter page:

Thank you @Jack @Support @anthonynoto @vijaya and thank you @Twitter

We think this means the many requests we and our followers and people seeing a similar request at MEMRI filed with Twitter were heard. Whatever the case, the world is a better and safer place with Ahlam Tamimi's voice lowered by several notches.

Next step: Tamimi's extradition to the United States to face federal criminal charges. The obstacle preventing that for the moment is that Jordan is refusing to honor its 1995 extradition treaty agreement with the United States.

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