Wednesday, April 05, 2017

05-Apr-17: Abdullah in the White House today: Questions need to be asked

Malki: A photo taken the week
before Tamimi murdered her
When the Jordanian legal system tells the United States Department of Justice to take a hike, as it did in the past couple of weeks over the extradition of our daughter's murderer, Americans are entitled to ask themselves why.

And to get answers from the Jordanians that either make sense or don't.

That way they get to choose whether and how to respond.

The monarch who rules Jordan is paying a call on President Trump today. King Abdullah II will be with the president of the United States in the Rose Garden around lunch time.

Journalists ought to be asking the king how he justifies saying no to a legitimate request under a binding, 22 year-old treaty between strategic partners. (See "28-Mar-17: Terror, justice and the Hashemite king of Jordan")

Source: Twitter
If, as we believe, it's because the smiling mass murderer, Ahlam Tamimi, is a hero in his nation because of the Jewish children (including our daughter Malki) she murdered in 2001, and kings don't hand over heroes to other people's justice systems, then he ought to say so.

Members of the Washington news media, please pay heed.

And for the record, we are ready to be interviewed on how the families of the murderer Jordan is sheltering feel about it. Reach us at

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