Friday, March 10, 2017

10-Mar-17: In Gaza, another Israel-bound rocket falls short (don't expect it to be in your news bulletin)

Times of Israel reports that a rocket fired from the Khan Younis area of southern Gaza Strip fell and presumably exploded within the Gaza Strip late Thursday night. (That was not the intention of the terrorists who did the firing, but experience shows they are typically indifferent as to where the damage is done - even if it's done to their immediate neighbours.)

It quotes Palestinian media reports which say nothing of damage or loss of life. Fell-shorts have occurred in Gaza far more often than reported; click here to view the many dozens that we have reported in this blog.

The Tzeva Adom (Color Red) sirens were not heard in Israel indicating that the rocket’s trajectory as computed by the Israeli warning system did not indicate any threatened impact on a populated Israeli area.

Nor is it likely that any significant effort will be made by reporters to see whether and to what extent Gazan Arab lives or property were impacted, as they surely have in the past, by to tonight's Gazan self-goal explosion. Any Israeli counter-measures, by contrast, can be expected to get wide news coverage. That's how things have always worked in the Arab/Israel conflict.

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