Tuesday, November 22, 2016

22-Nov-16: At Qalandiya, yet another would-be Pal Arab stabbing attacker is thwarted

The Qalandiya security checkpoint on a quieter morning
[Image Source: Mati Milstein]
At the Qalandiya Crossing on Jerusalem's northern edge, another Palestinian Arab man wielding a knife and evidently intent on finding an Israeli victim has been stopped by forceful Israeli scurity action.

Today's attempted assault happened at about 10:30 this morning (Tuesday). Not much is known at this stage about the attacker - his name, his age and where he comes from are all as yet unannounced in the news media - other than that the Arabic-language media already (no surprise in this) call him "martyr" (see for instance Ma'an News Agency's Arabic report here).

A spokesperson for Israel Police is quoted by Times of Israel saying
The attacker was declared dead of his wounds at the scene... [as] he attempted to stab a guard... [T]he assailant approached guards manning an area meant for vehicular traffic with a knife drawn and was shot. No Israeli guards were hurt.
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UPDATE 1:30 pm Tuesday November 22: It's reported in Arab media that he Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Health identifies today's failed stabber as Jihad Muhammad Said Khalil, 48, from the village of Beit Wazan, near Nablus.

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