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20-Sep-16: Another Pal Arab boy with a knife died today - exactly as the PA intended him to

Another Palestinian Arab child, and the outcome of his Palestinian
Arab education courtesy of an UNRWA school [Background here]
We now know that the man and woman inside the pick-up vehicle that rammed into an Israeli bus stop this past Friday ["16-Sep-16: Vehicle ramming attack on Israelis near Kiryat Arba"] came from the Palestinian Arab village of Bani Na'im.

The hamlet is in the news again today because a child from there, presumably weaponized by the people who have ruled Bani Na'im since the nineties (it's located in Area A under the full control of the Palestinian Authority), was killed by the IDF soldiers he tried to stab to death this morning.

As reported by Times of Israel ["Palestinian teen tries to stab soldier, is shot dead — army"]:
A Palestinian teenager was shot and killed while attempting a stabbing attack on an IDF soldier near Bani Na’im, outside of Hebron, on Tuesday morning, the army said, marking a fifth straight day of attacks in the West Bank and Jerusalem. During a search at a checkpoint, the assailant “tried to stab a soldier,” but did not injure him, according to the IDF. “The assailant was shot by the forces and killed,” the army said in a statement. The Palestinian health ministry identified him as Issa Salem Tarayrah, 16. The alleged assault was the ninth such attack in under a week, with the vast majority occurring in Jerusalem and the Hebron area, where Palestinians live in close proximity to settlers and Israeli troops. 
It's not likely we will ever learn much about 16 year-old Issa Salem Tarayrah (or as he's named in the Arabic-language version of the Ma'an story, "Issa Mahmoud Salem Taraarh the martyr") beyond the events of his last day alive. But we can speculate with confidence that the outcome of today's terrible events - the knife attack and its deadly response - are derivatives of a process that is deeply embedded in Palestinian Arab society.

Children and their pure blood: It's a deeply disturbing theme that runs
strongly through the messages PA president Abbas delivers to his people
[Image Source]
Some indicators of what that means when:
high school-age Arab youngsters - not a handful but many - are led to derive meaning from suicidal attacks on Israelis. It's simply their culture, and a matter about which, when the subject comes up, they are proudThe rest of us, at least some of us, can't shake from our minds the thought of a society living among us and right next to us thatliterally weaponizes its children, hijacking their education [see "18-May-16: Does Pal Arab hate-culture education leave room for messages of tolerance and kindness? Let's see."] and wiping thoughts of a better future from their young brains, replacing them with a diabolical vision of the redemptive power of martyrdom. ["24-May-16: Yet another knife-wielding Pal Arab teenage girl and her pointless, terror-driven death"]
There are... data-points that keep going unreported or under-reported. One is the number of posters eulogizing the terrorists who are killed in the course of doing these attacks - the so-called martyrs of the Palestinian Arabs. The anecdotal evidence from scanning Facebook, Twitter and other Arabic-speaking parts of the social media is that the rising tide of Palestinian Arab barbarism is happening against a sound track of constant incitement from the highest levels of the Mahmoud Abbas regime in Ramallah. The return on that "investment" is plain for anyone who wants to see. Not enough people do. And two: the substantial portion of the Palestinian Arabs doing the terror who are minors and children... ["24-Feb-16: Incitement and its harvest: What the numbers do and don't tell"]
We are witnesses to a massive loss of moral compass in which children - as young as 11 - are encouraged by the instrumentalities of Palestinian Arab society to see stabbings, shootings, car rammings and bombings as acts of redemption, justified by a sense of feverishly-cultivated victimhood and sense of oppression, validated by the most powerful voices in Palestinian Arab society. The lethal incitement comes non-stop from (among others) the prime minister, the president, the religious establishment, the schools. Describing their society as being in the grip of adeath cult seems a fair description to us. ["18-Feb-16: A Palestinian Arab reminder this afternoon of what, in their eyes, children are good for"]
Not for the first time, we ask: where is UNICEFOr Save the Children, or Defence for Children Internation­al-Palestine (DCIP) or Terre des Hommes, or the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement or even the dishonorable Amnesty International (on whom we have not yet entirely given up hope)? Or the other well-funded, high-profile public interest organizations that purport to care for the welfare of children but that take so little interest in the unfolding tragedy of the children of the Palestinian Arabs and the terror-obsessed jihadists cheating them of their future["20-Oct-15: Children and what a soulless society can do to them"]
The moral depravity that brings government officials and ordinary folk to stand with, instead of against, the wielders of kitchen knifes and axes is mirrored by the strategic silence of the world's well-funded children's rights industry -  UNICEFDefence for Children InternationalHuman Rights WatchUNESCOChild Rights International Network, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the Washington-based Jerusalem FundSave the ChildrenArab Council for Childhood Development to name just a few donor-supported, PR-savvy entities who have seem to have collectively lost their voices, their senses and their moral compasses when it comes to what Palestinian Arab society is doing to their own children. And to ours. (We no longer mention Amnesty International in that list. Amnesty's increasingly explicit identification with the practitioners of the Palestinian Arab brand of terror makes plain their abandonment of principle and betrayal of their supporters' values. There's no longer anything to expect from them.) ["19-Jan-16: Children with knives and what they destroy"]
So many wicked co-conspirators. But just one dead child (his photo is here), at least so far today.

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