Sunday, September 18, 2016

18-Sep-16: This afternoon's thwarted Arab-on-Israeli terror attacker is 12 years old

Children from the UNRWA camp where today's pre-teen attacker was
being educated and raised [Image Source: UN Photo/Stephenie Hollyman]
The day's violence has not yet subsided.

A Palestinian Arab boy was apprehended by a Border Guard patrol this afternoon. In his possession, he had two firebombs (also known as Molotov Cocktails) and a knife. He aroused suspicion when the security people noticed him watching them at a base in the Jordan Valley.

According to Ynet, the Border Guard people believe he was in the process of carrying out an attack against members of their force. He's said to be a a resident of Aqabat Jaber, a small refugee camp for Palestinian Arabs on the outskirts of Jericho, operated by UNRWA. He's currently being interrogated.

In reporting the thwarted attack, Times of Israel notes that the Border Guard base happens to be located adjacent to the Jewish community of Vered Yericho ("Rose of Jericho"), a moshav that is home to 285 residents. The attacker is believed to be just 12 years old, and confessed to the attack he was hoping to carry out.

As we have noted here several times, UNRWA plays an oversize role in preparing Palestinian Arab children for being weaponized and to embrace death. (For instance, see "30-May-16: Listen to the children to understand who is weaponizing them and how [Video]".) It's endlessly astonishing to us that so much harm can be done by an organization whose multi-billion dollar budget is overwhelmingly supplied by unsuspecting taxpayers in European countries, along with Australia and the United States. UNRWA is a decades-long scandal the true price of which is measured in young lives needlessly wasted and lost. How do its leaders sleep at night?

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