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05-Jul-16: Our role in the Best Blog of 2016 Hasby Award [VIDEO]

This is not, in fact,
Elder of Ziyon
Over at the website of the estimable Elder of Ziyon, there's a report about Sunday evening's star-studded, celebrity-rich, paparazzi-covered ceremony on an insiders-only secret Jerusalem rooftop with a stunning view of the city for this year's highly coveted Hasby Awards.

Click here for the Jerusalem Post's coverage which calls it "the banner event for those in the pro-Israel-sphere". It was that and more.

The winner of the Best Blog trophy in last year's 2015 Hasby Awards was the very blog you are now reading, This Ongoing War. In consequence of that honor, Arnold Roth was invited to be the presenter of the 2016 Best Blog award which he handed to Vic Rosenthal for his really fine work at Abuyehuda.

Here's Elder of Ziyon's report of that award.

In recognition of the highly-secret true identity of the mysterious, omniscient, all-powerful, many-thousands-of-years-old Elder of Ziyon, the video clip recording Arnold's speech and then Vic's concise, but excellent, overview of the importance of explaining Israel's positions starts with audio only. That's because Elder was standing in front of the camera in those first moments.

Here's the clip:

Not for the first time, Elder of Ziyon and his vast and super-competent staff are owed a serious debt of gratitude for his/their initiative, energy and serious sense of fun.

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