Tuesday, July 05, 2016

05-Jul-16: Near Ariel, another knifing attack, another failed terrorist, another young woman

Medics tend to the injured attacker, presumably a Palestinian
Arab female shot by alert security people [Social media] The male
in the orange jacket is a Magen David Adom medic.
At a bus stop near the entrance to the Israeli community of Ariel this afternoon, a female - from the published photos, a young woman - has been thwarted in an attempted knifing attack on Israelis.

It was an "alleged" attempt, according to the Palestinian Arab Ma'an News Agency in its English language report. calling the attacker "a woman". In Ma'an's Arabic report, she's "a girl".

Israel National News says she "has been neutralized" and that, fortunately, no Israelis were injured in the terror attack. Photos show Israeli medics tending to the attacker's injuries. If indeed she was shot at close range, she can't be in good condition. Later reports said an MDA ambulance took her from the scene to Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva. She was evidently still alive when they took her, and it has to be said she will be in excellent hands there, given how many terror victims their trauma teams have been called on to save and heal.

Times of Israel says the knife-wielding attack-female sought out Israeli civilian victims at the bus stop. This was not some noble attempt to sabotage an IDF military operation or to take control of a strategically vital pizzeria. It was just a plain hateful, bigoted slashing attack on Israel's soft-underbelly - its bus-traveling civilians at a bus stop.

As it turned out, she did encounter soldiers, as this video here (from the dash cam of a car passing by) shows, with predictable results. Nothing terribly "alleged" in this video. Did she come there with suicide on her mind, as several previous Arab-on-Israeli attackers were later found to have done?

Our impression at this early stage is that in some ways the attack bears some resemblance to the one we described in "17-Mar-16: This morning's Arab-on-Israeli stabbing attack went by the book".

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