Tuesday, May 24, 2016

24-May-16: Yet another knife-wielding Pal Arab teenage girl and her pointless, terror-driven death

Dead Pal Arab children are the logical culmination of a process that
starts in their schools and homes. Scene from the wildly successful
Pal Arab video "Birds of Paradise" [Image Source]
Monday afternoon and the pattern of Arab-on-Israeli terror attacks appears to be in one of its quieter phases. But it's a deceptive quiet.

On Jerusalem's northern edge, where the Arab villages of Biddu and Beit Iksa meet the security barrier, a woman approaches a security checkpoint. Police of the Mishmar Hagvul (Border Guard) watch her warily and when she pulls a knife out of some hidden recess and brandishes it at them, they are probably thinking back - fast - to the training which seeks to prepare them for attacks of this sort.

As Times of Israel reports it, one of them calls to her to stop; she keeps coming. One of them fires into the air to be sure the message is clear enough; she keeps coming. It's evident to the security personnel that she means to thrust her knife into any available Jewish flesh. So one of them fires directly at her and she stops.

As of today (Tuesday), it's not known what brought the woman to the scene. Her name and other personal information remained unknown until hours later. No identifying documents were found on her dead body. The Palestinian Health Ministry issued a news release last night saying the knife-wielding attacker is a seventeen year old female, and gives the English form of her name as Sawsan Ali Dawud Mansur. She's from Bidu. Her picture, which we will not publish, is online via this Arabic TV channel.

The Arabic-language edition of Ma'an, a European-funded Palestinian Arab news service, in characteristic fashion calls her "martyr", ensuring the pointless, useless steps she took that brought about her death will be retold in ways that guarantee yet more Palestinian Arab children will follow her example and very likely die. (In its English-language edition report, read by outsiders and not by villagers, Ma'an avoids the use of "martyr" today and in general.) In Arab parts of Twitter, she's described as "executed in cold blood". Martyrdom posters are almost certainly being tacked to walls throughout the PA's domain this morning.
For the girl with the knife, the
end of the road [Image Source]

It's unlikely the people doing the tacking will give thought to the process by which high school-age Arab youngsters - not a handful but many - are led to derive meaning from suicidal attacks on Israelis. It's simply their culture, and a matter about which, when the subject comes up, they are proud.

The rest of us, at least some of us, can't shake from our minds the thought of a society living among us and right next to us that literally weaponizes its children, hijacking their education [see "18-May-16: Does Pal Arab hate-culture education leave room for messages of tolerance and kindness? Let's see."] and wiping thoughts of a better future from their young brains, replacing them with a diabolical vision of the redemptive power of martyrdom.

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