Wednesday, April 13, 2016

13-Apr-16: Parliament will debate UK funding of the PA's Rewards for Terror scheme

The Daily Mail expose that led to the upcoming debate. The convicted
mass-killer in the bottom right corner, Abdullah Barghouti, built the
bomb that murdered our daughter [Image Source: Daily Mail]
There's some welcome news from the UK.

We wrote five posts here in the past two and a half weeks about the revelations in a British newspaper, the Daily Mail, about the Palestinian Authority being funded by UK taxpayers to run its horrific Rewards for Terror scheme. (They don't call it that, but our description is right.) 

Here are the links:
The Daily Mail's expose tied in to an online petition. 221,010 people had signed it when we looked just now. And the British parliament has noticed. Here's a screen shot of what appears on the petition page right now:
A debate on the issues raised by the petition is now scheduled to take place in the British parliament on June 13, 2016 and will be covered by live video.

The text of the petition is here. The Daily Mail article that energized the process is here. The UK government's response is on the petition page and its UK Aid strategy is laid out here.

European money, and taxpayer funds from other Western countries have been the fuel that has enabled more than a decade and a half of systematic Palestinian Arab acts of terror and murder. The connection between PA corruption, malevolence and mendacity through the Arafat and Abbas years has been there at all times for anyone who wanted to see.

Now perhaps we can hope for this to be stopped.

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