Wednesday, March 23, 2016

23-Mar-16: Frimet's new blog

Frimet's new blog
This Ongoing War is where Frimet and Arnold Roth write about terrorism and its victims. We have posted more 3,000 times since starting in June 2006.

In January 2016, Frimet began writing at her own blog as well. It's called "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly | Frimet Roth writes from Jerusalem". Here's how she describes its scope:
The Good is outnumbered two-to-one in the title of my blog. So too it is outweighed on this planet by The Evil, The Corrupt and The Seamy. For the most part, I focus here on those negatives - along with a light sprinkling of The Good. When I address The Bad and The Ugly here, it’s mainly in relation to two topics: (a) Terrorism and the current Israeli government’s pathetic handling of it; and (b) Children with disabilities and Israel's pathetic handling of them. (I have blogged about this for some years, but under an assumed name.) Also expect occasional digressions to other Bad and Ugly topics that plague Israel. I hope readers will share their thoughts here too.
The murder of my precious daughter Malki, aged fifteen and a half, in the massacre at the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem on August 9, 2001, colors this blog intensely. The life and challenges of my youngest daughter Chaya, profoundly disabled physically and cognitively, colors my discussion of disabilities.
In 1988, I moved to Jerusalem from Queens, NY, following a 12-year-stopover in my husband's hometown, Melbourne, Australia. The law degree I earned decades ago has lain mostly unused ever since and portrait sketching is one of my passions, so those sketches are likely to appear in my posts now and then.
We would be glad if you would take a look at today's post. It's called "On Brussels, Sbarro and moral clarity".

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