Tuesday, March 08, 2016

08-Mar-16: Yet another Arab-on-Israeli terror attack today - stabbing in Jaffa

Channel 2 coverage is ongoing as we write
Times of Israel says only that Israel Police are investigating reports of a stabbing attack at the Jaffa port, south of Tel Aviv.

But initial reports, quoted by Ynet at about 6:30 pm this evening (Tuesday) say there has been yet another Arab-on-Israeli attack, the third in the past two hours: "Five people were wounded in attacks at three different nearby locations in Jaffa early Tuesday evening; the terrorist was neutralized. 
Two were seriously wounded in an attack at the Jaffa boardwalk, one was seriously wounded in an attack on Nahum Goldmann Street and two were seriously wounded in an attack at the Clocktower Circle in the Old City of Jaffa."

We are watching Israel's Channel 2 TV news as we write this: they are speaking of multiple Israeli victims in the area of Jaffa's Clock Tower. As of this hour, 6:45 pm, there is an ongoing pursuit. Conflicting reports as to whether the stabber has been stopped.

UPDATE 6:55 pm - The fate of the attacker is not clear even now. None of the reporters are prepared to say whether the terror attack is still ongoing.

UPDATE 6:58 pm: Via Channel 2: The attacker has been shot near one of the beachside restaurants along the Jaffa promenade, and the attack is counted as over. But there are ongoing concerns about possible helpers, and police searches are continuing. One of of the stabbing victims is now unfortunately reported to have died of his or her injuries in Wolfson Hospital, Holon. Another is in very grave condition, and nine additional injured victims as a result of the attack.

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