Tuesday, March 08, 2016

08-Mar-16: In Jerusalem, a shooting attack

Israel's Channel 2 Six O'Clock News bulletin this evening:
One of the shot police in Jerusalem is 49 years old, suffering
from severe head injuries 
More late afternoon violence around 5:00 pm: there has been a drive-by shooting attack in Jerusalem. It comes less than hour after the Petach Tikvah attack we reported here.

Israel National News says two Israeli Border Guard police officers have been seriously hurt when they came under fire while traveling in a police vehicle on Salah a-Din street in East Jerusalem this afternoon (Tuesday).

Quoting an Israel Police spokesman, it says the attacker wounded one officer, and then immediately fled the scene. The second officers gave chase, and there was an exchange of fire in which another officer was shot and seriously injured. His comrades shot the terrorist gunman dead.

The Times of Israel report says the shooter was a motorcyclist.

The injured police officers have been rushed to Hadassah Medical Center hospital in Ein Karem for treatment. Israel's Channel 2 News is reporting that their injuries are serious.

A Carl-Gustav-style sub-machine gun was recovered from the terrorist's body, according to Israel National News. That's the name given in Israeli news reports for a kind of a cheaply-made weapon that has often been used by Palestinian Arab gunmen in terrorist attacks.

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