Friday, March 04, 2016

04-Mar-16: Vehicle-ramming attack on Israelis at Gush Etzion Junction this morning

The dashboard of the attacker's vehicle: She
had a knife at the ready [Image Source]
A sunny Friday morning here, and already (as of about 7:20 this morning, according to this social media report) a vehicle-ramming attack is reported from Tzomet Hagush, the traffic roundabout serving several of the Gush Etzion communities south of Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Times of Israel says an Arab female rammed her car into a group of Israelis standing in the traffic circle, striking a young male in IDF uniform and injuring him. Soldiers at the scene fired at the driver several times through the windshield (to judge by the photographs of the Hyundai sedan that have appeared online in the last few minutes). There is no confirmation yet that she was killed. But that's the clear impression conveyed by the photos. The car has yellow Israeli license plates, not the green or white plates issued by the PA.

The injured Israeli, evidently about 20, was taken by ambulance to Jerusalem's Shaarei Zedek Medical Center hospital and is being treated there for leg injuries and lacerations.

Etzion Junction has been a focus of violent attacks by Palestinian Arabs in the past four months. Among Jews and/or Israelis killed there in those terror assaults are Ezra SchwartzRabbi Yaakov Don, Shaadi Arfa of Hebron, Hadar Buchris and Eliav Gelman, all of them ignored in the UN report on recent terror attacks about which we posted yesterday.

There's little doubt this morning's terror attack will be ignored in the same way.

UPDATE Friday March 4, 2016 at 8:30 am - Ynet reports
The woman, who arrived at the junction from the direction of Jerusalem, drove onto the sidewalk and hit one of the soldiers, lightly wounding him. Other soldiers were able to get out of the way on time. She was shot to death by soldiers from the Oketz Unit posted at the junction, and a knife was found on the dashboard of her vehicle.
Sources in the Arabic media identify this morning's vehicle rammer as Amani Hosni Jawad Sabatin, a female of 34 from Husan, an Arab town south of Bethlehem. She's naturally being hailed by the usual death-cult promoters as a "martyr".

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