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04-Mar-16: Females, knives and identity

Is this "Safia, 15", minus the knife and with headscarf
intact? [Image Source: BILD]
Girls with knives, stabbing strangers in or close to the neck.

It's a shocking phenomenon with which Israelis are grappling right now, even as our security people try to arrive at strategies to cope with Palestinian Arab society sending its children - some pre-teen, many in their teens - to try their hand at killing us and being killed.

But it's not happening only here. Something ties our problems with those of certain parts of Europe.

Figuring out what the something is, along with reliable factual background details, might not be that simple. Stay with us.

From an online news report carried on the Daily Caller website today:
A 15-year-old German girl of Moroccan descent stabbed a police officer Friday in Hannover, Germany, in what now appear to be a jihadist attack. The incident took place at train station after two police officers asked the girl for her identification documents, [German] newspaper Bild reports. When one of the officers stepped to the side, the girl attacked with a kitchen knife.
“She struck with lightning speed,” a police spokesman said Thursday, according to Bild.  “Now we know: an Islamist attack on us policemen.”
The knife went deep into the neck of the officer, who had to receive emergency care to save his life. The second officer easily neutralized the girl when she tried to flee the scene.
“It’s a miracle he survived,” the police spokesman said.
Police believe the girl wanted to travel to Syria and fight for the Islamic State. She previously fled to the Turkish-Syrian border — where police believe she was radicalized — before her mother brought her back to Germany.
“The perpetrator acted cold. Her only concern was that her scarf slip,” police said. “Whether the officer survived, she didn’t care.
She has previously been arrested for theft and assault, according to Cologne-based newspaper Express.
We went searching on the site. We found one of several reports [here] about this girl (they call her "Safia S. (15) aus Hannover"), the values she embodies and the blend of horror and incomprehension she inspires. It's a feeling to which we can relate. The photo we placed at the top of this post accompanies the German article. But we think the editors at BILD lost their way. That image is clearly part of this video clip [here] from 2010. Safia might not be the knife-attacker's name either.

Alternatively, as another German report [here] suggests, it is the same girl. And in the six years since the photo above, she has been groomed for the Salafist version of fame, and is indeed in jail awaiting the attentions of German's justice system.

We're not sure but we will keep checking. Are the Germans sure? And we don't mean just about this particular stabber.

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TaylorOTalks said...

The description of the attack, and others I have read, portrays an emotionless act. Perhaps, some young Muslims are taught to hate "them" as unhuman or unworthy of human respect. That makes them expendible.