Monday, February 29, 2016

29-Feb-16: Unmasking what's driving those blood-lusting lone-wolf attackers

A caricature that has recently gone viral in Arab society:
"I carry in my womb the martyr-to-be"
Here's how the executive summary of a powerful cluster of analytical essays ["The Knife and the Message: The Roots of the New Palestinian Uprising"] published this week by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs ends:
Israel will learn and adapt to this new situation as it has done in the past. The question is whether the Palestinian leadership will do the same and come around to understanding that the monster they have created, a generation of children led to believe in the culture of death, is not in their own best interest. Israel can control the damage, but only Fatah and the PA can end it, and it is they, the Palestinian leadership, who have to do so if the path to negotiation and conciliation is to be opened again, and this endless and senseless wave of violence extinguished.
It's one of the most important critiques of what's going wrong in this part of the world that most people will have read.

Please delve into it, and share it as widely as you can - particularly if you have friendly relations with journalists, reporters and editors. And if you care for the welfare of other people's children and our shared futures.

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