Sunday, February 21, 2016

21-Feb-16: Sunday stabbings

Working journalists [Image Source: Jerusalem Post]
Brief details here of today's Arab-on-Israeli terrorist violence, based on Israel National News' report. There have been three separate attacks so far.
  1. Early Sunday morning, a knife-wielding Arab girl was arrested when she attempted a stabbing attack on security personnel at the Tapuah Junction checkpoint. She is a 17 year old from the Arab village of Qusra. She stood near a bus stop at the junction, evidently waiting for victims. She was fortunately discovered and arrested after brandishing her knife but before causing any life-threatening problems to others.
  2. Later Sunday morning, a 14 year old Arab boy launched a brazen assault on IDF soldiers near Bani Na’im, east of Hebron. The INN report says he opened the door of an IDF jeep and tried to stab the soldiers inside. They overpowered him and took him into custody. He is alive and very, very lucky.
  3. Minutes after that attack, another attempted stabbing, this time direct at Israeli civilians, was launched at an intersection near the town of Huwwara. This third attacker was shot dead at the site (Times of Israel says this it happened at Bitot Junction) before getting close enough to his intended victims to do damage. Palestinian media sources, quoted by Times of Israel, say the attacker, Qusai Diab Abu al-Roub, is 15 years old, a resident of Qabatiya, south of Jenin.
It's unlikely that any one of these attacks, or the three of them taken together, will get much analytic coverage in the media. And neither will the single most disturbing fact about these and many of the attacks that came before them in these past five months of bigoted frenzy: that all of them are the work of children - and of course the men who groom them, incite them, congratulate them and elevate them to the status of heroes

And at a deeper level - that they are faithfully expressing what their society expects of them and encourages them to do. The conspiracy of silence that accompanies the Palestinian Arab child-abuse industry, the weaponization of the children living in their villages and towns (but never the children of the insider elite), is the real unreported story. 

Does anyone at the Tel-Aviv-based Foreign Press Association have anything to say about this? Their compliance with one of the ugliest aspects of an ugly ongoing pattern of conduct does them and their editors absolutely no credit.

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