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01-Jan-16: How even the bodies of dead jihadists get to play roles in Pal Arab terror

"State" funeral in May 2014, honoring the remains of the human bomb
that attacked Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria 13 years earlier [Source
As we have written here often, the message being beamed at the Palestinian Arab masses about the Arab stabbers, rammers and shooters engaged in a frenzy of Arab-on-Israeli attacks since September is that the perpetrators are "martyrs" and that the attacks are "alleged" and "suspected".

It's a strategy calculated to keep the attacks coming. They do keep coming and, as we noted earlier today, the violence is likely to get worse. That's because Fatah/PA have "no choice" and Hamas, who have a choice, want it to be worse - much worse. (In reality, they are closely aligned in their views.)

Ma'an News Agency, which has unrealized pretensions to being a serious journalism channel, has been fanning the flames of support for more terror via the steady drumbeat of disingenuous reporting of non-existent doubts about the intentions of the attackers stopped by Israeli security.

Today, under the heading "Israel to hand over bodies of 23 slain Palestinians, 17 from Hebron", Ma'an publish this piece of despicable, agenda-driven "reporting". It's a story about Israel delivering the bodies of 17 dead Palestinian Arabs today, all of them eliminated in the course of attacking Israelis in the past few months.
The Palestinian liaison said the bodies were expected to be delivered Friday afternoon... During a Knesset meeting on Nov. 5, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said that “holding onto bodies is in itself not a deterrent to potential terrorists,” announcing that bodies would be returned on a “case-by-case basis.” Bodies have since been handed over conditionally, with Israeli authorities demanding the bodies be buried immediately following their handover and that funerals be limited in attendance... The Palestinian Ministry of Justice has reportedly adopted a resolution to perform autopsies on the bodies of all Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in effort to document “Israeli crimes.” Sabir al-Alou, a coronor responsible for performing autopsies on a number of slain Palestinian and head of Al-Quds University's Institute for Forensic Medicine, told Ma’an Thursday that Israel has returned the bodies full frozen, making immediate autopsies before burial impossible.
(Dead bodies, and the things that can be done with them, play a significant role in Palestinian Arab society. The funeral of the human bomb whose exploding guitar case destroyed so many lives - including our child's - in the attack on a Jerusalem pizzeria received the full Pal Arab death-cult treatment 18 months ago. Our posts: "4-May-14: Who cares about justice? About the victims? About truth?"; "6-May-14: In search of appalled, sickened Palestinian Arabs"; "11-May-14: Still searching for outraged moderate Palestinian Arab voices".)

Portraying themselves as victims has enabled Palestinian Arabs at large, and their society, to ignore the daily reality of the death-cult values they have permitted to engulf them. By completely failing to acknowledge how children, girls, mothers young and old, as well as young males with most of their lives still ahead have bought into the message of martyrdom and murder beamed from the highest rungs of their society's ladder, they ensure it keeps happening.

Dark, unspeakable "crimes" done to dead Arabs are a small, fiendish refinement on the self-destruction going on across Israel's Palestinian Arab border. Their best-known foreign-language news outlet might have been expected to keep out of that swamp, but the attractions of burying themselves in that muck were evidently too compelling to resist.

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