Thursday, December 24, 2015

24-Dec-15: Thursday noon vehicle ramming at Adam Junction

The attack vehicle, Adam Junction, this afternoon [Image Source]
When the weather is pleasant, the terrorists crawl out of their holes. We're seeing that now.

It's a delightful early winter afternoon here, and we're reporting the third terror attack of the day so far.

One person was injured lightly around 11:45 this morning (Thursday) when a driver, evidently a Palestinian Arab, steered his white Hyundai van into a cluster of IDF soldiers and Border Guard police at Adam Junction on Jerusalem's northern edge. The busy intersection (where Routes 57 and 90 meet) has seen numerous Arab-on-Israeli attacks in the past three months.

In accordance with current IDF guidelines, the security personnel opened fire and the attacker was shot and killed at the scene, according to an IDF statement quoted by Times of Israel. From social media sources, we hear he - like several other attackers in the past 48 hours - is a resident of Qalandiya. Ma'an News Agency says his name is Wisam Abu Ghwaila, 22.

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