Thursday, December 24, 2015

24-Dec-15: In Ariel, another stabbing attack

Two people have been injured in an Arab-on-Israeli stabbing attack in Ariel, a community in Israel's Samaria district. The attack at about 9:00 this morning was launched at people going about their lives in the Barkan Industrial Park where multiple factories employ both Israelis and Palestinians. The Jerusalem Post says the injured are Israeli security personnel; one is in serious condition; the other has moderate wounds. Both are being rushed to hospitals.

The attacker is no longer alive, according to Ynet. Ma'an News Agency calls him Muhammad Zahran Abdul-Halim Zahran, 22, from a village called Kafr Ad Dik.

This attack serves as a reminder of the extent to which the allure of terrorism has Palestinian Arab society in its grip
The numbers show clear, unambiguous and widespread support for a violent, armed intifada against the Israelis: 60% support it today, up from 57% in the PSR September 2015 pollThe cohort most opposed to a two-state solution and most supportive of "an armed intifada and stabbings" is the one aged between 18 and 22. Two-thirds of Palestinian Arabs say they are in favour of stabbing attacks on Israelis. There's no number published for how many of them support those other violent means (shootings, vehicle-rammings, nuclear bombs, poisoning the wells)... ["14-Dec-15: What do the Palestinian Arabs think?"] 

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