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04-Dec-15: Two more knifers are shot dead by their intended victims. One is fifteen. Does anyone care?

Hebron rock-throwing youths in November: Who's next? [Image Source]
It's a sunny, chilly Friday morning here, the shortest Friday of the year with the Sabbath starting here in Jerusalem at 3:59 in the afternoon.

Very early this morning, a little after midnight, two young Palestinian Arab men - actually one was a boy - launched a knifing attack on IDF service personnel manning the Jilber post in Hebron's historic Tel Rumeida Jewish quarter. They managed to sink their blades into a 20-year-old soldier's face, injuring him lightly according to the Ynet account.

His IDF colleagues at the post responded with shots and killing the two attackers. The soldier was rushed to Sharei Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem for emergency treatment.

Ma'an, the Palestinian Arab news source we often quote because it owes its existence to European government money (thereby reflecting on the low threshold European governments apply to acceptable return-on-investment when it comes to advancing the Palestinian Arab cause), puts its customary spin on events. Its report starts with
Israeli forces shot and killed two Palestinian teenagers in Hebron overnight Friday... 
making clear where the emphasis needs to be: on yet another case of death-by-Israeli. It continues
after an alleged stabbing attack on an Israeli soldier, Israel's army and locals said.
That's almost certainly untrue. If Ma'an is quoting the Israeli account, then the IDF certainly did not use the word "alleged". But "alleged" is a fixture in Ma'an's reporting on the terrorism directed against Israelis. Its editors seem to be addicted to the useful term; it allows them to pay lip-service to the facts while casting doubt on how factual they are. Perfect.

It's an especially effective strategy when - as has been the case on almost every day of attacks for the past two months - the attackers are children, below voting age (imagining for a moment that voting is a regular activity in Palestinian Arab society - and it certainly is not). This morning's attackers have never voted, and now certainly never will. Dead as of this morning, they are both being elevated to the ranks of PA martyrs (the posters may already be hanging in the alleys and markets).

They are cousins, says Ma'an. quoting Palestinian Arab sources who say their identities are:
Taher Faysal Fannoun, 19, a student at Hebron University, and Faysal Abd al-Minem Fannoun, 15.
(For the record, at least one other Arab news source says the 19 year old was 17. And it gives the 15 year old's name as Mustafa Fadel Fannoun, The Iranian government mouthpiece, PressTV, identifies them as Teher Faisal Funun, 22, and Abdul-Monem Funun, 15.)

It's more than likely they belong to the same clan as Mahmoud Fannoun, described [here] as the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which operates from a stronghold in nearby D'heisheh. The PFLP claimed credit a year ago for the savage murder (again, by knives and axes) of five unsuspecting Jewish worshipers at prayer in a Har Nof, Jerusalem, synagogue. They also claimed to have carried out a shooting attack on a car-full of Israelis, injuring four, near the community of Shvut Rachel in June 2015. There's room to think they are trying to put themselves back on the bloodshed-by-terror map after being somewhat quiet for two decades.

Palestinian Arab culture, and the Mahmoud Abbas regime in particular, trumpet the involvement of children among the stabbing/shooting/ramming Pal Arab dead as a matter worthy of celebration (literally). They are what they are, no outside influence is going to bring them to recognize the horror of the systematic child abuse raging in their ranks, and their masses are totally at peace with it. It's an ongoing tragedy about which we have written several times. The fact that it keeps costing lives, almost daily at this point, should not be lulling people on the outside into accepting this horrifying reality. And the numbers are not small: one Arab source says that of the 112 Palestinian Arabs killed by Israeli fire since October 1 (understandably without explaining what those dead people were doing in their last moments of life), 26 are children. From our informal record keeping, every one of those Arab children was killed with a knife or other killing implement in his or in her hand.

But how to explain that not a single one of the many, very well-funded children's-rights industry organizations active in the Palestinian Arab territories or Jordan (where a vast number of Pal Arabs live) has ever, as far as we can tell, drawn attention to the blood lust that Pal Arab society focuses on its own children? (We're of course ignoring for the moment the barbarism they reserve for us and ours.)

To name (once again) just some of the silent co-conspirators: UNICEFDefence for Children InternationalUNESCOChild Rights International Network, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the Washington-based Jerusalem Fund, the Al Mezan Centre for Human RightsSave the Children SwedenArab Council for Childhood Development, UNRWA,

How long before the next Palestinian Arab child is shot dead trying to murder an Israeli? 

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