Tuesday, December 01, 2015

01-Dec-15: Tuesday's Arab-on-Israeli violence continued

Attacker foiled at Efrat checkpoint a couple of hours ago;
she's alive and no one is bleeding [Image Source]
It's approaching 12 noon Tuesday here in Jerusalem, and this is an update - our second report of the day - on events in the ongoing Arab-on-Israeli lethal violence. Some will see significance in the fact that all three of these latest attackers are females.
  • A Palestinian Arab woman tried to launch a knifing attack on IDF personnel near Anabta, a village in the Samaria district. Someone alert from among the uniformed service people there spotted her and shot her. She is dead. No one else is hurt. [Ynet, December 01, 2015]
  • Very close to the site of the first attack, in fact strolling distance, a young Palestinian Arab female (name and age not yet reported - that's her in the photo above) was stopped at an IDF checkpoint near Efrat, in Gush Etzion. She arousing the soldiers' suspicions for reasons not yet publicized, and was required to undergo a search. A knife was found among her belongings and she was promptly arrested and being interrogated at the scene. No injuries to anyone. [Ynet, December 01, 2015]
  • A Palestinian Arab woman was shot while trying to stab an IDF officer at a checkpoint next to the Einav community (population: about 600) in the Samaria district. No Israeli casualties, but it appears the woman is now dead. [Times of Israel, December 01, 2015]
One of this morning's attackers, mentioned in our earlier post, is a 16 year old child. That's quite some society they're creating for themselves on the other side of the fence.

And the big picture is worse than the detailed one: according to a poll last month [reported in our post: "22-Sep-15: What do the Palestinian Arabs think?" and echoed in the current edition of The Economist] by a Palestinian Arab survey group, most Palestinians want a return to "armed uprising".

IDF statistics issued this morning quantify the scale of the violence going on around us and directed at every one of us here in this country: 82 knife attacks/stabbings; 30 shootings; 12 attacks-by-vehicle (also called rammings); 1,617 rock-hurling attacks (almost never reported on a per-incident basis); 651 firebomb attacks (also known as Molotov cocktails - also very rarely reported on a per-incident basis). All this since the start of October 2015, and all comprehensively detailed online here

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