Friday, November 27, 2015

27-Nov-15: Friday morning vehicle-ramming attack east of Jerusalem

Almost unremarked in the major media, vehicle
attacks on Israeli civilians are being aggressively marketed
into Palestinian Arab society. As the saying goes, advertising
The lethal downpour, directed at Palestinian Arabs from government, media and religious sources, of incitement to self-destructive violence [here's a Google-curated inventory of videos] continues to produce a return on the sickening investment.

At Kfar Adumim Junction this morning at about 7, a Palestinian Arab driving a sedan with PA license plates and approaching a roadside bus stop accelerated and plowed directly into the Israelis standing at the stop.

This was a copy-cat attack of the lethal vehicle-rammings that have become a fixture - along with stabbings - of the extreme violence now holding Palestinian Arab society in its grip. (Kfar Adumim is east of Jerusalem, on the road leading to the Dead Sea.)

The weapon in today's attack. That's
the bus stop shelter in the background.
[Image Source]
Times of Israel reports that two young Israeli men, both about 20 years old, were struck. Ambulance personnel arriving quickly at the scene [video] found them conscious but spreadeagled on the ground, one with injuries to the face and limbs, the other to the limbs. They were treated at the scene and then rushed to two different Jerusalem hospitals - one to Shaarei Zedek Medical Center, the other to the closer Hadassah hospital compound on Mount Scopus.

The assailant sought to flee the scene after the attack, and was shot and killed by what Times of Israel calls an armed bystander.

We can expect to see the driver's face soon as the Palestinian Arab terror industry ramps up the customary efforts to anoint him as a defenseless martyr, publishing posters in his honour. (Will they also claim the damaged car was planted next to him to unjustly implicate an innocent man? Stranger things have been happening here lately, almost daily.)

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