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25-Nov-15: A stabber outside Jerusalem's main transit hub and how the mainstream media helped put him there

Jerusalem's main transit hub [Image Source]
On busy Jaffa Road in Jerusalem at the point where the city's main transit hub, the Central Bus Station, is located, a young Arab man was stopped yesterday (Tuesday) by the security guards who are stationed there to oversee the well-being of tens of thousands of locals and visitors who daily pass by or enter or exit the modern structure.

The young Arab was asked some urgent questions after a passer-by who noticed him walking along the light-rail tracks just opposite the station alerted them and said the fellow, aged (as we now know) 19, had been checking what appeared to be a knife concealed inside his coat. Knives inside coats are no longer a strange or rare thing here. They demand an instant response.

The Arab, a resident of the Jerusalem Old City, was promptly taken into custody. Times of Israel reports today that he was arrested and confessed to being there so as to carry out a terrorist attack on unsuspecting Israelis. A knife was indeed found hidden in his clothes during a body search.
Police said the suspect initially denied he was planning on using the knife to carry out a stabbing attack. He was later transferred to the Special Operations Squad in the Jerusalem District Police’s Central Unit for interrogation, where he admitted he intended to carry out a terrorist attack. He said he had taken the knife from his home before riding the light rail to the Central Bus Station, where he searched for an appropriate victim... [Times of Israel]
Hadil and Nurhan Awad, cousins, intending murderers, aspiring terrorists.
Ages 14 and 16. The backstory is the real story and it's unreported
This, along with the fast-rising toll - 75 stabbing attacks, 21 killed, about 190 injured - among Israeli victims of the wave of Arab savagery in the past few weeks - makes it incomprehensible to us that a report on a central Jerusalem stabbing attack can have been so poorly done by a leading British news channel.

Daily Mail Online prides itself on being one of the world's busiest web-based news sites. Checking now, we see their current daily "article views" for today is just under 28,000,000. Not too shabby. We can't say the same for the way they reported the matter of the two Palestinian Arab girls, cousins Hadil and Nurhan Awad, aged 14 and 16, from Qalandiya on Jerusalem's northern periphery. We described ["23-Nov-15: Central Jerusalem's shuk - two slashers attack and are stopped"] how they rode the light rail into central Jerusalem in order to launch a frenzied stabbing attack on innocent shoppers, using only two pairs of (absolutely deadly) scissors. They were stopped very forcefully, but only after doing serious damage and being caught in the act by security cameras. The Daily Mail's report is a classic of its kind: "Shocking moment two Israelis shoot Palestinian teenager dead and wound another after they threaten them with scissors in Jerusalem"

Shocking it is. Shocking that with 21 funerals of Israeli victims in the past few weeks of vicious thuggery, the Daily Mail's editors can allow an article to appear under a headline that focuses on the victimhood of a teenager killed by "Israelis" after she threatened them with scissors - with no indication in the headline of the frenzy of murderous stabbing attacks of similar kind happening all over this country.

And utterly shocking that the Daily Mail and most of the mainstream media have failed to focus attention on (a) the violent deaths of three Palestinian Arab children, each one of them aged 16, each one of them clutching sharp instruments in their fists, each one of them trying to kill innocent Israelis, each one of them shot dead by alert Israeli security, all killed in a single day - this past Monday; and (b) the shameful, hideous process, overseen by the Fatah/PLO/PA leadership under the unspeakable Mahmoud Abbas, of programming children to hate, to demonize and then - the logical consequence - to murder Jews.

These children didn't wake up with blood lust one morning out of the blue. It's the end-stage of a process that takes a huge, multi-dimensional effort, with education (school curriculum) and religion (the mosques) being the central components.

It's a tragedy that so few serious reporters and their editors see the recounting of this process as core to the reporting of the current Arab-on-Israeli barbarism and to the ongoing child-abuse conducted by Palestinian Arab society at all its levels (including the most senior). It's hard not to see reporters and their editors as complicit in this process.

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