Tuesday, November 24, 2015

24-Nov-15: Another Palestinian Arab vehicle-ramming terror attack at Israel's Tapuah Junction

The scene about 8 am at Tapuah Junction. The attacker's vehicle is in the
center of the photo [Image Source: Video screen grab]
The Palestinian Arab violence in Israel got off to an early start today.

At Tapuah Junction, a busy intersection, transit interchange and hitch-hiking point on Route 60 in the Samaria district that attracts hostile attention for those reasons alone, there has been yet another vehicle-ramming attack.

Shortly after 8 this morning (Tuesday), a Palestinian Arab driving a fairly new and shiny black Volkswagen Polo with PA license plates (we see this in the video) drove at high speed into a cluster of commuters standing at one of the Tapuah bus stops.

Attacker after being stopped
[Image Source]
Israel National News quotes the first responders of Magen David Adom saying that four people, all in their twenties, are injured. Two are ranking officers in Israel's citizen military, the IDF (where commuting from home to base or office by public bus, as these people seem to have been doing, is a commonplace): a Lieutenant Colonel and a Colonel. One has suffered what are termed moderate injuries - evidently to the stomach and head. The other three are injured lightly in the limbs. All four were rushed to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva,

The attacker was stopped by gunshots from patrolling Border Guard forces at the scene. We know he or she was alive at the end of the attack, though neutralized; there are no details we can find for now about his/her condition or fate. What's important is the attack was stopped and a worse outcome averted.

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