Monday, November 23, 2015

23-Nov-15: Monday morning rocket fired at southern Israel

Another missile flung indiscriminately in the general direction of Israel (it's a time-honored strategy) was fired off in the past few minutes by the rocket men of Gaza.

Israel National News reports that it crashed and exploded in the Eshkol region of southern Israel. Because it struck open land, it caused - as far as can be told at this stage - neither damage nor injuries to people.

This, it should be noted, was not and never is the intention of the terrorists. They hold huge inventories of rockets and seek to use them for purposes of terror - not defense of their homes or families, not to conquer portions of Israel, not even to offset the dominant power of the IDF. But purely for terror.

This means a desired outcome, for instance, would be to hit a school bus (this is the hour when the school buses are active) or a kindergarten or a home on the Israeli side. Thankfully, this morning, they failed. They will certainly keep trying. They have been trying for years, and have succeeded.

The Tzeva Adom ("Color Red") incoming-rocket warning system was not heard in this morning's attack, evidently because its computers and sensors estimated that landfall would be in a location where no direct harm would be caused, and therefore did not pose a threat to people or property. We are not always that lucky.

Based on experience, it is highly unlikely this rocket attack, carried out from within the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, will be reported in any mainstream news channels. An Israeli military response, if it comes, almost certainly will.

UPDATE 23-Nov-15 at 10:00 am
There has already been a second Gaza rocket attack on Israel. This one [according to i24News] came in a little after 9 this morning, about two hours after the first. No injuries. No damage. No Tzeva Adom warning siren. And, as usual, hardly any media coverage, other than within Israel.

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