Thursday, November 19, 2015

19-Nov-15: Time-sharing on Temple Mount: World Council of Churches knows all about it

Games Arab children play on the Temple Mount: Background here
Anyone know when Jewish hour at Al Aqsa takes place? Asking for a Zionist friend. They're not answering the phone at the WCC.
World Council of Churches | Statement on situation in Israel and Palestine | 18 November 2015 | EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE -Bossey, Switzerland... The WCC executive committee, meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, on 13-18 November 2015, accordingly expresses its grave concern at recent developments in Israel and Palestine, involving renewed violent attacks against people of both communities and measures entailing long-term time division of access to Al-Aqsa mosque and affecting access to other holy sites. Such measures further diminish hope in the realization of this vision.
You have to take off your kippah to a lavishly-funded, hugely influential group like this that can labor to produce a summary of the turbulence going on in the Holy Land for its top management and be so skewed about it.

Look at the two factors that lead their analysis.
  1. That safe old stand-by, the cycle of violence, where 16 year old wanna-be knifers get stopped from doing what their leaders program them to do thereby preventing more bloodshed.
  2. The most holiness-infused place in Jewish geography where Jews are forbidden to pray and are daily harassedthreatened and abused by Arabs, delusionally depicted as some sort of enforced time-share.
The appalling thing is this will reliably be swallowed up uncritically by 600 million believers, pastors and priests. (For some of our previous observations about the work of the WCC, click here.)

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