Tuesday, November 17, 2015

17-Nov-15: Rocket intercepted in the air south of Ashkelon

It's Tuesday and around 2:30 pm this afternoon, the IDF's "Color Red" incoming rocket warning system sounded alerts in parts of Israel's south. Too early to be sure of the details yet but it appears at least one rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip and was intercepted in the air. The sirens were sounded in the Shaar HaNegev region, the Otef Aza (Gaza belt) region, and in the Hof Ashkelon region. Israel's Channel 2 news says the intercept was south of Ashkelon, and brought down one rocket. No indications of injuries or damage.

UPDATE Tuesday November 17, 2015 at 6:00 pm: There is a surprising, and relatively rare, follow-on. As Times of Israel reports it,  the Iron Dome missile was fired into the air this afternoon by mistake. The detection system
reportedly mistook gunfire in the Gaza Strip for an incoming rocket fired at Israeli territory. The missile streaked across the sky before exploding harmlessly in midair, but it triggered air raid sirens in communities bordering Gaza, sending residents running for their air raid shelters. The IDF confirmed that there had not been any rocket fire from Gaza, but did not provide further details as to what caused the incident.
An expensive error, but fortunately the cost is measured in money, not in lives.

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