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05-Nov-15: "Suspected" attacker in "purported" ramming is "allegedly" dead, Israelis "claim"

Alleged funeral today [Image Source]
In yet another vehicle-ramming attack on Israelis yesterday (Wednesday), a Palestinian Arab driver, identified by the PA Ministry of Health (in a Ma'an News Agency report today) as Ibrahim Skafi, 22, from the Tulkarem/Samaria area, drove his vehicle into a cluster of Israeli Border Guard officers standing by the side of a road. The attack happened at the Halhul Junction, near Hevron, on Route 60

Times of Israel says the driver was stopped with a single shot fired by members of the Israeli security forces at the scene. He died, and his body was promptly handed over to his family for burial. Here's the photographic evidence.

As for his victims, a 20 year-old male is reported to be in critical condition as of today (Thursday) at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center in Ein Kerem, in the intensive care unit. He suffered multiple injuries, including a severe injuries to the head. A second Border Police officer was struck and also injured in the attack. He is doing much better.

An Arabic-language site published video of the attack - it's embedded below. Watching an act of deliberate attempted murder unfold is altogether different from hearing reports using the laconic term "vehicle ramming".

Plainly, the attack was not directed at the two Israelis who were struck but at a much larger group (though it seems only two needed hospitalization).

Adopting their customary "Who are you going to believe? Us or your lying eyes?" commitment to objective reporting, the English-language side of the Arab media report the attempt to kill the young Israelis in ambiguous language that has a sadly familiar feel to its cloudiness, hedging and doubt-sowing:
  • Ma'an calls it "a suspected vehicular attack". 
  • WAFA, the PA's official news mouthpiece, says the driver "was shot dead by Israeli forces purportedly for ramming his vehicle into two Israeli soldiers at Halhul junction, north of Hebron, as Israeli authorities claimed."
  • Demotix, a photo-and-news site, says Skafi, the driver, "was allegedly shoot dead after he rammed Israeli soldiers by a car..." Snapshots of the mourning family and friends suggest they weren't fooled by all the allegedlies; for them, he scored a victory.
Demotix image from yesterday's gathering in honor of the deceased driver
indicates that for some of the mourners, his death signified
a victory [Image Source]
But in the Arabic-language parts of the Arabic media, there's much less ambivalence and double-talk. For the Arabic-speaking public, the driver is a hero, already admitted to the pantheon of Palestinian Arab shahidim.
  • As this Arabic media, site demonstrates, he was immediately declared a martyr. They show the posters...
  • and the post-death portraits
  • This Arabic-language site says he carried out a "heroic operation" in which he "ran over a number of Zionist soldiers" "resulting in the killing of an Israeli soldier" (which is not true).
  • PAnet, the Arabic-language news site "serving the young adult Israeli Arab community" writes today that the family of "the 23 year old martyr Ibrahim Samir Ibrahim Scavi from the city of Hebron" "announced they will be receiving well-wishers for the martyrdom of the son in the Hebron municipality hall for three days starting from Thursday." 
On the other hand, The Associated Press reports the events factually and devoid of spin:
A Palestinian rammed his vehicle into an Israeli police officer in the West Bank on Wednesday, seriously injuring him before he was shot and killed, police said. It was the latest in a nearly two-month rash of violence that has seen almost daily Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers. [AP, November 4, 2015]
Hamas, rarely reluctant to stoke the flames, wants much more:
The leader-in-exile of the Islamic militant group Hamas on Wednesday urged Palestinians to step up unrest to "liberate Jerusalem and the West Bank," saying efforts by his internationally backed Palestinian rival are insufficient. [Source]
Efforts? What we see in the video clip above is what he means by efforts. And he and his fellow Hamas kleptocrats make clear they are not getting enough of it. And will try hard for more.

UPDATE: November 8, 2015 - The Israeli victim mentioned above, Binyamin Yakubovich, died today of his injuries. He was just 19. Details of his life were published on this Israeli government website.

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