Monday, November 02, 2015

02-Nov-15: Making sense of senselessness | Kay Wilson is a survivor

Members of the Pal Arab terrorist cell who carried out
the murderous attack [Image Source]
Most of us have never been victims of a stabbing frenzy, as Kay Wilson has.

When she describes what was done to her, and then how she came to choose life, not in some abstract philosophical sense but as a powerful daily passion that illuminates her life, she speaks with the unadorned voice of authenticity.

She knows what evil looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like from hideously up close, and when she shares this via the video below, the resulting six-and-a-half-minutes have the impact of truly unforgettable testimony. She reminds us that there is never closure. The impact on terror's victims is forever.

Men and women with knives are seeking out victims all over our land as these words are being keyed in. Based on our experience of terror, we have never been in doubt about how there are no two sides to the coin, that what drives them is unrecognizable from the values that empower and energize the society in which we live.

It's a good, important and difficult time to listen and watch.

Here's Kay's interview with the Jerusalem Post from four years ago: ‘What a waste, I’m 46 years old and I’m being murdered’

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Dan Kelso said...

Thank you for this video about Kay Wilson
Here is an important article Kay wrote to understand the Palestinian barbarians Israel is dealing with.
Guest Post (Kay Wilson): What Is It Like To Be Stabbed 13 Times?
Posted by: Kay Wilson in Guest Posts
October 8, 2015