Friday, October 30, 2015

30-Oct-15: As Hamas announces more rage, "lone wolf" attackers pounce on cue

Tapuah Junction in the past hour: The aftermath [Image Source]
The terrorist regime run by the Islamists of Hamas, from their perches safely inside the Gaza Strip and in their glitzy luxe apartments in the Persian Gulf statelets, have declared today (Friday) yet another Day of Rage in Judea and Samaria. Their call is explicit incitement to "young Palestinians" to engage in bloody "heroic actions".

It's likely that both parts of the statement will be fulfilled. The dead attackers will be declared "heroes". And most will be young and in a rush to throw their lives away on request. In some ways, the image popularized in parts of the mainstream news media of them displaying lone wolf characteristics is right - in the sense that lemmings act "alone" in vast groups. (What lemmings are famous for is shown in this video. But as faithful reader DS points out via pointing to a different video, there is another interpretation.) 

The responses to the Islamist call have not been slow in coming:
  • In the past few minutes (it's now Friday 1:45 pm), a stabbing attack by Arabs was launched on Israeli civilians standing at a tram stop in the Ammunition Hill section of Jerusalem. Israel National News says one of the injured is a yeshiva student of 22 with stab wounds to the upper body. He is evidently only one of several victims. The attacker was shot dead. No details about his identity yet.
  • Also this afternoon, another stabbing attack on a group of Israeli security personnel protecting the busy Tapuah Junction in Samaria, close to Jenin and the scene of many previous terrorist events. According to a Border Police release, the assault was repulsed; its officers "responded with precise gunfire and eliminated the terrorists." Times of Israel says the attackers arrived at the scene on motorbikes, pulling out knives as they approached Border Police on duty. The Israelis reacted quickly and properly and none were hurt. One terrorist is dead. The second is reported to be in critical condition. 
The day is not over.

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