Monday, September 21, 2015

21-Sep-15: Monday morning rocket attack on southern Israel

Yet another overnight Gazan rocket was fired at southern Israel in the dark of early Monday morning (today), around 4:00 am. Times of Israel reports that Israel's anti-rocket Iron Dome system calculated that it was going to crash into open unoccupied land in the Hof Ashkelon region, and therefore no sirens were heard or countermeasures taken.

This, as we feel needs to be stated each time, is never the intention of the terrorists who do the firing. They place themselves and their communities at mortal risk when they shoot at Israel. In the terrorists' calculus, the risks are justified by the prospect of achieving some meaningful damage or injuries or worse to the Israeli side. These are acts of war. But other than in the Israeli media, there is zero coverage by the news reporting industry which is likely to spring into action if and when an Israeli counter-measure is taken.

The most recent in-coming rocket attacks from Gaza took place all the way back on Friday night. On Thursday, we wrote:
What are the chances that rocket fire directed at anything Israeli in southern Israel is going to happen in the next 24 hours? Your answer will likely depend on how high a price you believe the Palestinian Arabs making the decision to let those rockets blast will be paying. In this neighbourhood, the price is close to zero, which is why an Iron Dome battery is being deployed there at this moment. ["17-Sep-15: Rocks, rockets, riots, religion, risks"]

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