Friday, August 07, 2015

07-Aug-15: Gaza rockets again - 2:10 pm Friday barrage

Not much information yet, but a report (in Hebrew) says three in-coming Gazan rockets, and two are said to have crashed inside Israel, in the Eshkol region. The others? Can't say for sure, but may be like the three "Fell Shorts" of last night.

No information at this point about casualties or damage. A 2:36 pm Friday report from the Hebrew-language Walla! site says two rockets exploded in open territory inside the Eshkol region of southern Israel, and that no Color Red alarms were heard. Also no injuries or damage.

For its part, Ynet reports one landing, calls it a mortar.

We live far enough away, in Jerusalem, to feel safe. But we can imagine how difficult it must be for residents of southern Israel who have to cope with the fact and drama of the rockets (this was a second barrage in just 14 hours, and no one is calling it a war) and the apathy of the news. No one is reporting these rockets at all for non-Israeli audiences.

UPDATE Friday 3:30 pm: From Times of Israel, this wrap up. Rocket fire emanating from the Gaza Strip - with one rocket landing in open territory just north of the Kissufim crossing that leads to Gaza. There are no immediate reports of injury or damage but for now IDF forces are scanning the area to locate the precise impact site. It's believed there was a second rocket (a "Fell Short") that did not make it as far as the Israeli side. No one knows that damage that one did in Gaza.

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Cathy Sherman said...

If all Israelis would just spend a few minutes a day upholding the border with Gaza in prayer, asking that all incoming rockets fall short, maybe there will be 100% of fall shorts and no rockets entering Israel. This is called a divine dome approach, rather than an Iron Dome. Many Israelis do pray for this Divine Dome, but more doing so can only strengthen the border.