Thursday, August 06, 2015

06-Aug-15: Yet another jihad-by-car attack on Israelis

There's live video coverage from the scene as we write
this [here]
Near the ancient Jewish community of Shilo, there are three freshly injured Israelis who came under attack around 3:10 pm today (Thursday) by a terror-minded driver.

Israel National News says three of the targeted victims are injured, one of them, about 20, in critical condition with head injuries, a second in serious condition with multiple injuries, and the third lightly hurt.

The attacker came under fire immediately afterwards, thanks to some alert IDF service personnel and was left alive and injured and stuck inside his upside-down car.

From the available photographs, the attack car has yellow Israeli license plates, as opposed to the white plates issued by the Palestinian Authority. There's sure to be some follow up about that - often the vehicles used by jihad-minded attackers are stolen from Israelis to make their passage through security checkpoints a little easier. But we are only surmising that that's the case here.

The attack occurred at Sinjil Junction, located close to a Palestinian Arab village with that name. The junction is roughly 40 kilometers north of Jerusalem.

A helicopter is transporting the injured to hospital. Doctors and medics from Magen David Adom have been giving first-responder care to the three Israeli victims and to the attacker.

More when we know it.

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