Saturday, July 04, 2015

04-Jul-15: Friday's attack on southern Israel: three rockets and a volley of unchallenged disinformation

Screen shot from's coverage
Shavua tov! Following-up Friday's rocket attack on southern Israel:
A third rocket that was part of a volley of projectiles fired into southern Israel on Friday by Islamic State-linked terrorists in Sinai was found in the Eshkol Regional Council region on Saturday. Authorities initially found only two of the rockets on Friday. The two exploded in open ground inside Israeli territory near the Gaza Strip, causing little damage and no casualties. Israeli residents in the area said they heard a third rocket land. The IS-affiliated Wilayat Sinai in the Sinai Peninsula claimed responsibility for the attack. “Three Grad rockets were fired at Jewish positions in occupied Palestine,” the group said Friday evening in a statement on Twitter. [Times of Israel, today]
The reference to "Occupied Palestine" is to the Eshkol and Negev regions of the State of Israel.

No one with even superficial familiarity with international law calls them occupied or Palestine. The only voices that do are those calling for the destruction of Israel as a state, along with the people living within its borders.

Nonetheless, numerous news services - like Aljazeera, Deutsche WelleAl-Ahram, AFPFrance24, and naturally Iran's state-controlled news service - faithfully republished the Islamist tweet in today's global news torrent, making no effort to point out to their news consumers the anti-Israel Islamist propaganda nature of the entirely bogus claim.

It's a fair bet that close to 100% of their audience will swallow the "Occupied Palestine" claim without hesitating for a moment to check the facts - just like those news editors.

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