Sunday, June 28, 2015

28-Jun-15: Israeli ambulance comes under 'activist' gunfire; news reporting industry yawns

Image Source: i24news
Israel National News reports that an Arab gunman, perhaps more than one, fired on an Israeli civilian ambulance traveling the road adjacent to Beit El in Samaria's Binyamin region:
At least three direct hits from the bullets were located on the ambulance, but fortunately no one was wounded in the incident. A resident of the region told Arutz Sheva that security forces began a wide search in the region. 
A bullet through the windshield (see the photo above) testifies to the lethal intentions of the attacker/s. It's unlikely they wanted this to end with no casualties.

The first article of the first Geneva Convention, in effect since August 22, 1864, declares
Ambulances and military hospitals shall be recognized as neutral, and as such, protected and respected by the belligerents as long as they accommodate wounded and sick.
A shooter who attacked an ambulance in Fort Wayne, Indiana, was sentenced in 2013 to 60 years imprisonment. The charges he faced were attempted murder, criminal recklessness and battery by means of a deadly weapon.

As of now, Sunday morning, the attack on an Israeli civilian ambulance has been reported in non-Israeli news channels, as far as we can tell, about zero times.

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