Friday, June 19, 2015

19-Jun-15: Reports of sniper attack on Israelis north of Jerusalem [UPDATED]

The scene of this afternoon's attack: first responders try to
save the shooting victims' lives
At this stage all we know is this, via Israel National News:
Two people have been wounded, one of them critically, in a shooting attack close to the town of Dolev in the Binyamin region, north of Jerusalem. Paramedics and a large team of IDF security forces are at the scene - including at least one military helicopter - after responding to reports that terrorists had opened fire on an Israeli vehicle at 4:15 p.m. Friday afternoon. It is believed an Arab sniper targeted the victims; one is in critical condition, while the other it described in light-to-moderate condition.
Haaretz says the two Israelis are in their twenties and live in "central Israel" which is Haaretz-speak for the greater Tel-Aviv area.

A statement by Magen David Adom, Israel's Red Cross, says one of the injured is unconscious and in a critical condition. The other one was lightly wounded after he was shot in the legs, the statement added. Israel's Channel 2 TV news says someone in a passing car opened fire at the Israelis who were in their car, visiting Ein Buvin spring, a popular destination on a glorious early summer day, which is what we are having now.

Dolev, a community of about 1,350 people, is located in the suburbs of northern Jerusalem.

UPDATE Friday June 19, 2015: Just as the sun is setting on a beautiful day and the Sabbath begins to make her way into our part of the world: Times of Israel delivers the bitter news that the more critically-injured of the two men shot by a Palestinian Arab gunman a few hours ago has died of his wounds:
The 25-year-old was shot in the upper body near the settlement of Dolev, northwest of Jerusalem. He was found unconscious and transferred to Tel Hashomer Hospital by IDF helicopter where he died over an hour after the attack. A second man was moderately hurt in the attack and was also being treated at Tel Hashomer. A large deployment of soldiers aided by Israel Police were currently searching for at least one shooter. The two men in their mid-20s were traveling in their car after visiting a spring near Dolev, when they were flagged down by a Palestinian man, seemingly asking them for help, and shot at point-blank range. [Times of Israel, today]
We see a report (via Twitter) just now that Hamas has extended its congratulations on the lethal attack this afternoon but stopped short of claiming credit.

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