Saturday, June 13, 2015

13-Jun-15: Gazan evidence that Gazan rocket attack Thursday night struck Gaza

About the rocket fired towards Israel from the rocket-infested Gaza Strip ["11-Jun-15: Thursday night incoming rocket warnings heard in southern Israel"]  this past Thursday night: two things to share. One - it received close to zero news media coverage outside Israel, which is nothing new. And two - a Gazan source says that the rocket failed to reach Israel and crashed onto the heads of Gaza's hapless Arab population. See the screen shot below:

Click the image to read its text

GANSO, which serves foreign aid workers based in Gaza and is funded from Switzerland, reported today that 
Pal. ops. fired 1 rocket from S-W of GC toward the Green Line. The rocket dropped short and landed inside Pal. terr.
Translation: "Pal. ops" refers to Gazan Arab terrorists, without specifying with which of the numerous Gaza-based terrorist groups they are affiliated. "Fired from S-W of GC" means the rocket launcher was located in or at the edge of Gaza City, "population of 515,556, making it the largest city in the State of Palestine", according to Wikipedia. "Toward the Green Line" means fired in the vague, general direction of where Israeli communities and Israeli civilians can be found and damaged, injured, killed or merely terrorized.

In other words, yet another "Fell Short". launched from an urban area filled with civilians who - for practical purposes - serve as human shields for the heroes doing the firing.

"Fell Shorts" happen almost every time the terror groups of the Gaza Strip fire lethal explosive devices in Israel's direction. The mainstream media pay them almost no attention, even when Gazan Arabs are maimed or die as a result,

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