Thursday, June 11, 2015

11-Jun-15: Thursday night incoming rocket warnings heard in southern Israel

At 10:00 pm tonight, Thursday, Tzeva Adom warnings began to be sounded in a swathe of communities across southern Israel. Ashkelon appears to among them, as does the nearby Hof Ashkelon region. No indication yet of whether and where rockets fell, but when we know we will update this post. The last round of Gaza terrorist rocket fire on Israel (the kind that involves flinging rockets indiscriminately in the general direction of Israel with zero regard for where they land or whom they injure, destroy or kill) was just a few days ago: see "06-Jun-15: Saturday night rocket attack on southern Israel communities"

UPDATE Friday June 12: This source within the IDF Spokesperson Unit (Dover Zahal) said last night that "The rocket that was launched from #Gaza earlier this evening, fell short & landed in the Gaza Strip." Call that another in a long, long, mostly unreported line of "Fell Shorts". And additional evidence that Gaza's Palestinian Arabs are trampled by the Islamist regime that cruelly rules them to an extent that outsiders rarely appreciate because they are not told.

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