Wednesday, June 10, 2015

10-Jun-15: As Orange's CEO explains that it's business and not politics, where does he stand on glorification of terror?

Orange Jordan (its advert is above), a subsidiary of Orange SA, is featured on the Donors and Partners page of the Jordan Media Institute. This past December the JMI proclaimed an Islamist terrorist, who happens to be the murderer of our daughter, as its 'success model'. JMI has refused to explain itself, apologize or acknowledge our bitter criticism. Orange simply ignores us completely. [Image Source]

From GLOBES, an Israeli business newspaper, today:
Orange S.A. CEO Stephane Richard is continuing his apologetics tour, attempting to appease Israel. In a written response to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely, Richard said, “Orange does not support any sort of boycott. I was inaccurately quoted, and I deny what was reported. I am a friend of Israel, and I visit frequently.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed the Foreign Ministry this week to tell Richard that if he is serious about his desire to apologize, he should come to Israel and do so. “I regret the situation and the Orange-Israel controversy,” Richard wrote to Hotovely. “I can promise you that we are not involved in politics; only business.”
We believe him. He surely would not say this if it were not true and if he did not believe it was true.

Here's our problem. It stems, as outlined in an earlier post ["05-Jun-15: Beyond the politics, the business and the misunderstandings at Orange, a question of terror"] from our discovery in December 2014 that his company was sponsoring Jordan Media Institute. That's the Arab world's leading graduate school for journalists, based in Jordan. And as we have written here in the past, in December 2014 it publicly, on every page of its website, proclaimed our daughter Malki's murderer, a Jordanian who lives freely in Jordan today (despite having been sentenced to 16 terms of life imprisonment for murder and terrorism), as its "success model". We contacted Orange in Paris and London, multiple times, and were totally ignored.

No response to our emails - not one - after writing to a dozen senior officials in Orange's management structure. And the support about which we asked continues until today (check it out).

We think Orange should say clearly, unambiguously, to us and to the world, where it, and its chief executive, stand on the glorification of terrorists who murder Jewish children. We have been waiting for an answer since January.

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