Saturday, June 06, 2015

06-Jun-15: Saturday night rocket attack on southern Israel communities

Starting around 9:37 pm tonight (Saturday night - about half an hour ago as we write this) - Tzeva Adom (Color Red) incoming rocket warnings started being sounded in a swathe of communities across Israel's south, evidently focused on the Hof Ashkelon region and the city of Ashkelon on Israel's southern coast.

Ynet says
at least one rocket was fired from Gaza, landing in an open area near the city of Ashkelon. Residents in the south reported hearing at least one loud boom and it the exact location of the rocket strike was initially unclear. No reports of injuries or damage were immediately forth coming and authorities began searching for the fallen rocket.
Signs of rising trouble in Gaza are behind the decision by the IDF Friday, publicized earlier today (Haaretz, i24news, Ynet) to re-deploy one or more Iron Dome missile defense batteries in several locations in the south, including one near Ashdod, just a few kilometers up the coast from Ashkelon.

This comes in the wake of several rounds of Gazan rocket fire, indiscriminate as always but as always fired off in the general direction of Israelis, their homes, their communities, in the past week [see "03-Jun-15: Alarms sounded: Inbound Gazan rockets around 11:00 pm tonight"].

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