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02-Jun-15: The obvious, petty lies that keep European money flowing into the hands of the PA's terrorists

Issa Karake in a photo published on a Palestinian
Arab news site on May 13, 2015: No connection with the
PA government, none at all [Image Source]
The Mahmoud Abbas PA has been engaging in a clever little trick since last year to hide its practice of taking foreign aid and using it to fund a notorious Palestinian Authority cash-rewards-for-terrorism scheme. The bulk of the money that lets this happen comes from European governments.

Someone must have whispered in those Palestinian Arab ears that the small amount of criticism they were absorbing from critics (like "What the EU Does with Your Money", Douglas Murray, January 14, 2014; and PMW's "Is the PA lying to Western donors?", published last month) for this bare-faced PA misappropriation of European tax-payers' money to pay monthly salaries to convicted murderers could easily be side-stepped.

How? Simple.

By tearing down their Ministry of Prisoners Affairs and overnight (in August 2014) replacing it with a brand-spanking-new, purpose-built entity that has nothing whatsoever to do with the Palestinian Authority. In reality, the switcheroo is bogus and calculated solely to deceive.

At the time, some analysts called it for what it was:
However, what Abu Mazen [meaning Mahmoud Abbas] will not tell donors is that their money is being sent to the PLO, who does use the money to fund terrorism. Abu Mazen hopes by having the money used indirectly instead of directly to fund terrorism, the criticism will die down among donor nations to the Palestinian Authority. [Foreign Policy Association, September 8, 2014]
For the most part, that is exactly what happened. The PA wins because their shell-game fraud has gotten almost zero mainstream media coverage outside Israel. (Here's a British exception.) Why? Because - we fear - too few people outside of Israel really care to know whether the Palestinian Arab political leadership is trustworthy, honest, credible - or the exact opposite. They want the problems to go away.

So do we in Israel. But we tend to pay more attention than outsiders do about what is actually happening on the ground. And we tend to have a more hard-eyed view of the outrageous tactics in which those Palestinian Arab insiders chronically engage. (Fair disclosure: two of the biggest beneficiaries of this embezzlement of European money happen to be two of the terrorists convicted of murdering our daughter. Details here: "31-May-15: Lights, camera, action, terror")

The Jerusalem Post characterized what the PA undertook to make this money/foreign aid problem evaporate in an article that appeared on May 27, 2015. Its report is largely based on research done by PMW:
[T]he PA in August 2014 announced that it had closed its Ministry of Prisoners Affairs, which funneled monthly salaries to terrorists, because of pressure from Western donors. Rather than a PA ministry, a PLO Commission of Prisoners Affairs – purportedly independent of the PA and its funding – was set up to pay the salaries. The international community... largely accepted these changes as assurance the PA was no longer paying salaries to terrorists. "However," the [PMW] report read, "the PLO commission was new only in name. The PLO body would have the same responsibilities and pay the exact same amounts of salaries to prisoners; the former PA minister of prisoners affairs, Issa Karake, became the director of the new PLO commission and PA President Mahmoud Abbas retained overall supervision of the PLO Commission." The Palestinian Authority declined to comment on the report. According to the report, based on comments made by Palestinian officials, the perpetually financially strapped PA spent $144 million in 2014 paying salaries to incarcerated and release prisoners. ["Palestinians duping world by denying it pays salaries to prisoners in Israeli jails", Jerusalem Post, May 27, 2015]
Karake, whose hate-filled, terrorism-encouraging utterances we have quoted in this blog numerous times, is key to this flim-flammery. Used to be minister for prisoners; now he's not; instead he's commissioner for some PLO business unit which is a completely different and perfectly legitimate thing. The European suckers will swallow it without a problem because it's what they need from us. And so on.

Only someone forgot to tell the Arab news media this nonsense. 

Here's how the abhorrent Karake, no longer a minister in the PA regime (wink wink) has been described in recent months:
And so on.

Here's what is actually going on. The Mahmoud Abbas regime keeps using European money, tens of millions of Euros a year of tax-payer funds from Britain, Germany, Netherlands and other sophisticated and modern states, to keep up the spirits of its practitioners of terror and of those who depend on them. The PA, a terrorism-addicted entity with poor survival prospects, will do anything it needs to do to ensure the cash keeps flowing. The lies it tells are small, transparent, not complicated, nowhere near the grandeur of FIFA's cash-soaked fairy tales. But the Europeans want to be duped. They know they are being duped, and they play along. Win, win.

Meanwhile the terror they fund keeps relentlessly grinding away, destroying what remains of their society's moral fibre and embittering Israeli lives.

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