Sunday, April 12, 2015

12-Apr-15: Calling Canada

If you are in the Toronto area, here's a heads-up that Arnold Roth is going to be visiting there briefly to be the guest speaker at a public event on Wednesday night, April 22, 2015. Details are on the Malki Foundation blog (click here).

Regular readers of this blog know that the Roths look for opportunities to share their views and experiences about terrorism, and insights they have gotten from personal exposure to aspects of it that are too often not well understood.

Arnold will be speaking at several private and public venues during his week in Toronto. To the extent that his schedule allows, he welcomes additional opportunities. If you have suggestions, please be in touch.

And for anyone interested in the background to the work of the Malki Foundation, established by the Roths in 2001, this past weekend's Jerusalem Post Magazine carries an interview with Arnold. Click here to view.

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