Monday, February 23, 2015

23-Feb-15: Funding Palestinian Arab terror: a UK aspect

Prime minister David Cameron speaks at
Eid al-Adha celebration, October 8, 2014 [Image Source]
For readers who asked us to expand on the questions we raised in "08-Feb-15: Foreign money and the Palestinian Arab terror it buys", here's the prime minister of the United Kingdom speaking about the UK's contribution:
If you look at who funds the Palestinian authority, again, Britain is one of the most generous donors, not just to help with aid but also to help with governance and with expertise so that Palestine can have the statehood that it so richly deserves. [PM David Cameron in his 2014 Eid al-Adha reception speech at 10 Downing Street]
That February 8 post we mentioned is about how Palestinian Arab terrorism and corruption are funded by taxpayer money from countries whose citizens have no discernible interest in encouraging or supporting it. There's no secret about the Mahmoud Abbas-controlled PA and its massive payments to convicted killers and assorted other terrorists. (For doubters, start here.) 

Just knowing this will provide some perspective to the crescendo of warnings in the media this week about what might happen if the PA is "toppled". But can we point out that there is no discernible crescendo of alarm at the ongoing diversion of unsustainably large amounts of cash by the always-out-of-money Abbas people to reward convicted terrorists and thereby encourage others to follow in their blood-stained footsteps?

It's endlessly astonishing to us how politicians can condemn terror while the cameras are rolling and fund and/or encourage it when seated at their desks or pow-wowing with their civil servants. Britain is certainly not worse than the many other states engaged in this

From experience, the most usual reaction given by spokespeople for those governments when asked bluntly why they do it is to fix their gaze at some point in the far off distance and wait for the questioning to end.

The money they invest in this might be yours.

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