Thursday, December 11, 2014

11-Dec-14: Is it newsworthy when journalists make a terror-addicted murdering colleague their role-model?

From the JMI website
Now that we have published about it, and written directly to many of them, the funders, backers and administrators of Jordan Media Institute know about its open admiration of a murdering, terrorist colleague: see "By their role models shall ye know them" in Times of Israel yesterday.

So what are they going to do?

What have they already done? (JMI's website remains unchanged. No mention in their Twitter stream.)

What will it take for them to see the damage that incitement to murder produces?

Why do they not themselves see how their actions contradict their own professed values, without being yelled at by a bereaved couple from Jerusalem?

The funders, strategic partners, and providers of “in-kind, financial or technical assistance” to Jordan Media Institute include
and others. 

We, and some other people we know, have made or are today making contact with all of them, and waiting for them to act decisively.

In case you missed it, the background is here: "10-Dec-14: In the Arab world's most promising new journalism school, a passion for murder and hatred".

Also this: 

Where is the coverage of this outrageous affair by the mainstream reporters and their editors?
 Not report-worthy? 

Is this another one of those toxic and embarrassing developments in the Arab world that (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) somehow fails - yet again - to rise to the level of importance that justifies sober exposure in the news?

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