Tuesday, December 02, 2014

02-Dec-14: Israeli victim of yesterday's attack-by-driver has died of his injuries

From The Jewish Press:
Avraham Ben-Zion, the 68 year old Jewish man seriously wounded in yesterday’s vehicle attack at Tzomet Alon (Highway 505 East of Migdalim/Eastern Shomron) has died in Beilinson Hospital. The family is donating his organs to those in need. The police and IDF are still investigating yesterday’s attack.
We reported on the attack yesterday: "01-Dec-14: Terror-attack-by-driver... again". Earlier today, Israel National News reported that
Police and IDF forces arrested three people last night (Monday)  in the southern Samarian Palestinian Arab village of Kablan, suspected of being involved in the hit-and-run of a middle-aged man yesterday afternoon at the Alon intersection in Samaria. The man, in his 50's, suffered serious injuries, and had to be intubated before being evacuated from the scene by helicopter. The truck driver fled the area. At this point, the IDF has said that they have not excluded any line of inquiry, and the suspects have been handed over to Shabak (Shin-Bet, Israel Intelligence Agency) for interrogation.
We are not aware of any charges being laid against the three or anyone else at this stage.

UPDATE Wednesday 3-Dec-14: And now it's reported that a gag order has been imposed by a court at the request of the police.

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Anonymous said...

Given the incompetence of Israel's police, as evidenced by the poor performance of Chief Danino and his attempts to blame Israel's Jews for the ongoing war of terror rather than on the arabs, it is hardly surprising that they would want to suppress the details of this latest terrorist attack by arabs on a Jew. SHAMEFUL!!