Sunday, November 16, 2014

16-Nov-14: In Jerusalem tonight, a Jew is stabbed in the street

The road beside the Old City's Damascus Gate
tonight. Police are conducting road blocks and
searches for the attacker [Image Source]
From Times of Israel:
A Jewish man was stabbed while walking along a street in Jerusalem on Sunday evening. His attacker fled after the assault. The victim, 32, from the Breslov Hassidic sect, was on Hanevi’im Street, which lies close to the seam between West and East Jerusalem, when an Arab man attacked him from behind with a screwdriver and stabbed him in the back, Channel 2 reported. After making his way to the Western Wall, the victim raised the alert. Magen David Adom emergency crews attended to the man and then evacuated him to Shaare Zedek Medical Center, where he was said to be in light to moderate condition. The assailant fled on foot in the direction of Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Police closed off the entrances to the Old City. Police [this is a direct quote] suspect nationalistic motives in the attack.
Needless to say, any stabbing attack is one too many. But we are in the midst of a knifing frenzy inspired by violent calls from secular and religious leaders in the Palestinian Arab camp. And even if (which we say is not the case, but as some prefer to imagine) there are no such calls, can anyone point to local Arab leaders speaking publicly in the Arabic language and calling for cowardly attacks of this sort to end and for the perpetrators to be handed over to the police by their neighbours and families?

Hamas hastened to make its position public: tonight's stabbing, the jihadists say, is a "natural response" to Israel's "crimes", according to Ynet. And Fatah and PA spokespeople, considered relative moderates on the spectrum of Palestinian Arab zealotry, have been calling publicly (according to Palestinian Media Watch, which tracks these things closely) for the spilling of blood, literally, in order to "purify" Jerusalem. No-one should hold their breath waiting for this to be mentioned on mainstream news bulletins.

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