Friday, November 14, 2014

14-Nov-14: Terrorist bomb attack on Israeli military court is thwarted (thankfully) by a man doing his job

An IDF Military Court, not Megiddo [Image Source]
Yet another terrorist attack with huge loss of life... that did not happen. An Israeli security officer was alert and purposeful, thank Heavens, and the only serious consequence is that two young men are now looking at lengthy terms of imprisonment.

Ynet reported this morning on the indictment of two Palestinian Arab youths on charges of attempting a terrorist attack at the Samaria military court near Megiddo. Armed with makeshift explosive devices hidden in their clothing, they aimed to explode them and kill the court's three judges together with as many soldiers and officers serving at the base as possible. Finding that the court had adjourned and the security checkpost was closed, they placed a bag with the explosive device on the floor. The suspicions of a policeman at the scene were aroused, and - in the laconic language of the Ynet report - he "arrested the two".

How soon before the alleged perpetrators appear in media complaints about Israel's alleged unfair treatment of alleged underage offenders?

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