Monday, November 10, 2014

10-Nov-14: Time to uncover how Hamas proxies operate on North American university campuses

The hatred, violence and racism of the Hamas terror organization ought to be so far outside the realm of the acceptable that institutions of higher learning would do whatever it took to prevent its adherents from winning a foothold on their campus.

The reality, alas, is quite different.

The video below devotes about four minutes to an overview of the wide, deep inroads made in North America by Hamas-compatible groups - chiefly Students for Justice in Palestine and the generic-sounding Muslim Students Association (MSA) - and their ties to promoters of Hamas-style hatred as well as their intimate connections to the Egyptian group, the Moslem Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen), "the world's most influential Islamist organization":
"Though many claim the organization decries violence, the Brotherhood is often viewed as the root source of Islamic terrorism."

[Click the image above to view the video clip.]

An advocacy group called Hamas On Campus is behind the video that focuses on Hamas proxy groups' efforts to propagate radical Islamist values in American universities.

Campus activist? Radical preacher?
Deceased terrorist. Al-Awlaki [Image Source]
Anwar al-Awlaki, a former MSA president, was (according to the New York Times) a "firebrand preacher, born in New Mexico, who had evolved from a peddler of Internet hatred to a senior operative in Al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen." His career ended in a US Predator drone attack in September 2011, "the culmination of years of painstaking intelligence work, intense deliberation by lawyers working for President Obama and turf fights between the Pentagon and the CIA..." [NYT, March 9, 2013]

What's behind our use of the word "uncover" in the title to this post?
By the time the missile found him, Mr. Awlaki, 40, had been under the scrutiny of American officials for more than a decade. He first came under F.B.I. investigation in 1999 because of associations with militants and was questioned after the 2001 terrorist attacks about his contacts with three of the hijackers at his mosques in San Diego and Virginia. But at other times, presenting himself as a moderate bridge-builder, he gave interviews to the national news media, preached at the Capitol in Washington and attended a breakfast with Pentagon officials. [NYT, March 9, 2013]
Interesting to note that while the prime focus of Hamas indoctrination seems to be on college-age youngsters in Canada and the US, they aim for much younger acolytes in their home turf of Gaza. We offered some evidence of this in several posts, including "24-Jan-13: Sacrificing the lives of an entire generation of adolescents on their altar of hatred, the thugs of Hamas boast of plans to create a children's army" (in which Hamas proudly announces the creation of new military schools to cater for children of twelve years old and up) and "27-Jan-13: Hamas' new army of children: Will the UN's and foreign funders' role in this scandal be critiqued by the news-reporting media?" and  "21-Jul-14: War, civilians, children: what the terrorists of Hamas can teach us".

It continues to astonish us how the mainstream news-reporting media politely look the other way, strongly preferring to ignore rather than expose both of these Islamist strategies. Do they imagine the problems go away when you make the editorial decision to not report on them?

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